From superhero scholar Joshua Unruh and story expert Lani Diane Rich comes "In the Gutter," a podcast that is all comics, all bangers, all the time.

Season 1 launches July 4, 2022 with our reading of Ed Brubaker's Captain America: Winter Soldier (2004).

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Latest Episodes

Catch them when they fall (JLA V1.4 “Invaders from Mars”)

“Why should they need us at all?” “To catch them when they fall.” It’s philosophy, mythology and Martians in the final issue of Grant Morrison’s JLA.

Is Batman okay? (JLA V1.3 “War of the Worlds”)

“I know your secret.” Things get dark in a fun, superhero way as Lani and Joshua fall backwards into the constantly escalating neon-colored churn that is Grant Morr...

JLAWTF (JLA V1.1 “Them!”)

“This is war.” Lani has no idea what’s going on and Josh is loving it as your comic book-loving dynamic podcast due grab hold of a wildly undulating plot in JLA #1:...

12 Identity Stories in a Trenchcoat (Captain America: Winter Soldier #7)

“Aren’t I just a double myself?” It’s unreliable narrator week on In the Gutter as Lani and Joshua spend some time with the various identities of Jack Monroe.

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